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IncomeFeb. 19, 2014

For white women, whose incomes are most affected, being 64 pounds heavier is associated with 9 percent lower wages.  some studies "suggest that discrimination plays an improtant role."

Rise of ObesityJan 28, 2014

The rise in obesity began 10 to 20 years earlier if obesity is measured by skinfold thickness rather than BMI.

Diet Soda Could Be Causing You To OvereatJan. 21, 2014

From Yahoo News

"Artificially sweetened drinks are being blamed--again--for sabotaging diets in a new US study that found diet soda could lead to increased food intake."..."overweight and obese adults that drink diet beverages consume more calories from food than obese adults that drink regular sodas and other sugary beverages."

Physical EducationFeb 27, 2014

There is no evidence that increases in physical education requirements for school children have any impact on youth weight.  It doesn't even increase physical activity for high school boys.

Body Mass IndexJan. 23, 2014

From Businessweek

Body mass index, which is based only on height and weight and ignores fat, misclassifies some muscular people as obese and some unmuscled people as not obese.

National Health SpendingFeb. 10, 2014

Obesity accounted for about 21percent of national health spending in 2005.

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